Western Lifeline is the pro-life presence at UWO.  We believe in human rights for all human beings and defend human life from its beginning at fertilization until its conclusion at natural death. We seek to address various life issues, focusing particularly on the human rights violation of abortion.


Our mission is to make abortion unthinkable on our campus.  Since university students (ages 20-24) make up the demographic with the highest rate of abortions nationwide, we have the responsibility to expose the inhumanity of abortion and the humanity of pre-born children to our fellow peers.

As pro-life leader Gregg Cunningham once said:

“Injustice that is invisible inevitably becomes tolerable. But injustice that is made visible inevitably becomes intolerable.”


As a club, we recognize that we are living alongside a grave human rights violation that is claiming more victims each and every day.  Given the state of our country, we must strive to reach our campus community in the fastest and most effective way possible.  Our club activities and outreach centre around the following 3 pillars:


To maintain a constant pro-life presence on campus through visible, regular outreach that will raise awareness about the horrible reality of abortion in our country. We want to bring the abortion debate back into the everyday lives of students.


To generate conversation among students on the issue of abortion and to promote our message through other platforms such as social media, in order to increase the amount of students we reach.


To support pregnant and post-abortive students on our campus and connect them with resources and professional support services.

Western Lifeline condemns all forms of abortion-related violence and will not collaborate with groups or individuals who fail to condemn such violence.