Executive Team 2018-2019


Rashad is a fourth year student pursuing an honors specialization in Philosophy. Having intellectually pursued the question of abortion in the latter half of highschool, he was convinced that the pro-life position was the most philosophically and morally consistent stance on the abortion issue. Since then, he has enthusiastically joined Lifeline and spends his time thinking through the tough terrain of ethics, especially how meta-ethical commitments give rise to normative duties to others.


Mariah is a 3rd year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After studying prenatal development and the science of when a human being comes into existence, she acknowledged that pre-born human beings are worthy of the same basic protections as born humans, including the right to life. Since then, Mariah has been passionate about defending the human rights of the most vulnerable human beings in society: the pre-born.



Cindy Corrales is a 4th year student pursuing an Specialization in Geology. Cindy got involved in the pro-life movement after realizing that abortion is legal in Canada and that one can get an abortion throughout the entire 9 months of pregnancy–for any reason, or for no reason at all. She became passionate about defending the pre-born and believes that human rights should be granted to human beings as soon as the human begins. Since then, she has been an active member of Lifeline and spent the summer of 2017 working for the Canadian Centre For Bioethical Reform.